CENTRO Restaurant - A skillful and tasteful family business

In the year of 2002 we planned to emigrate to USA for 3 month, but we came back 10 years later :). All this time we had different jobs, but the one that kept us for most of the time and that had its print on our future was the experience of working in a Chicago restaurant. The proof of this statement are the burgers, the ribs and the spicy chicken wings that you can find in our restaurant's menu, dishes that are prepared exactly as we learned across the ocean. Even though the experiences and our ambition gave us financial stability while in USA, the fact that we always missed our country, friends and family did not let us stay there forever. Therefore, after 10 years we decided to come home and use everything that we learned while working in different kitchens and restaurants in the US. We wanted for the people from Baia Mare and the surroundings areas to be able to have a different culinary experience, to feel the quality of food in every bite and not to pay a fortune for something that should be normal. In CETRO Restaurant quality is the most important factor and we invite you to test this fact on your own.

Mission, Values & Business principles


is to promote Romanian and international kitchen, as well as  the associated services within CENTRO restaurant at hight quality standards that are being perceived and recognized internationally.

THE VALUES that define us and we promote in every plate and service that we offer are, from our perspective, plain and simple:

  • We price respect towards our employees and customers;
  • We offer a true Romanian hospitality to all that come in our restaurant, greeting them with smiles, good will and enthusiasm;
  • We try to make the employees feel like part of a family and therefore we promote and sustain team work;
  • We are socially responsible as we offer personalized services for all the companies that hire people from our area of operation and a great part of the ingredients that we use in our dishes come from local producers;
  • We promote a sustainable economic growth by reinvesting the profits in the business in order to generate new development opportunities .

What makes us different than the rest?

Bread is a basic food in Romania and a good bread gives savor to other foods. As we haven't found a bread that tickels our taste we had to make our own, therefore in CENTRO restaurant you will always have traditional bread with our dishes, just as our grandmothers used to make it.

We gathered knoledge, know how and experience in the US and this can be seen in our dishes, the way we serve them, acquisitions, logistics and the care that we take on our employees.

As well as in the case of our bread we decided to offer our clients something authentic, a true Romanian experience, something that hasn't got lost in marketing and the rush for profits. Therefore we offer homemade jams, pickles and other preserved foods, all made by us, by our own recipes.

The quality of our services is certified by the companies that chose us until now.

Thank you for your trust and for being our clients.


Tautii Magheraus, Str.1, No.187
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